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  467. This year, Mister. Extended insights, an individual's foundation inaugurated an alternative treasure with regard to charter-school management establishments, as well as was basically psyched that this initially one who did that -- For sure Put together Open public Educational facilities with Austin -- provides ¡°totally closed all the [achievement] gap.¡±

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    Comment by Tyree - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Korey - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Oliver - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Luis - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Sammie - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Kelley - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Buford - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Normand - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Conrad - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Collin - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Nicole - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Sylvester - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Jefferey - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Emery - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Nathanael - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Joesph - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Francis - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Freelove - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Jerome - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Chadwick - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Delbert - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Robby - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Jerrod - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Alphonso - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Antwan - posted on 17.4.2019
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    Comment by Jerald - posted on 17.4.2019
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